Designing for the Real World

06 Dec Designing for the Real World

This year at Pakuranga College, the senior Product Design Technology students have enjoyed planning and creating a technological outcome of their choice within an engaging context. Students have used the design process, materials, tools and equipment skillfully and safely to make an outcome, using the ongoing feedback from a client at their home. It was rewarding to work with students as they displayed consistent motivation and successfully created a wide range of projects from their intended designs. 

As shown below, the Year 11 Product Design Technology students designed and made various indoor game units, which included a chessboard with storage, a hexagonal box with Glinski’s chessboard and a pinball machine. The Year 12 and Year 13 Product Design Technology students designed and constructed a piece of dual-purpose furniture, which included a folding mini table, a folding table, a planter rack, a bench, and a computer desk. 

Before making their prototypes, students have trialed various components of their design such as woodworking corner joints and mechanisms, in order to determine if their ideas would work, to avoid wasting materials and to ensure that a functional prototype could be made. Their prototypes were made full size in order to test their fitness for purpose more effectively.

It is envisaged that with your ongoing support, students would continue making innovative products using quality materials next year. Community-based or sponsored prototypes could also be made in close partnership with local community groups and clubs if there is an interest. 

by Mohammed Khan, Technology Faculty

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