Cultural Expo Celebrates College Diversity

12 May Cultural Expo Celebrates College Diversity

Recently, Pakuranga College’s very own Cultural Council hosted its first big event of the year, the Cultural Expo! With the support from our many cultural groups, we were able to successfully pull together a showcase to highlight the beautiful cultures we have here at our school! All the cultural groups worked really hard to prepare their stalls and performances. The main focus of the Cultural Expo is to provide a space where students and teachers alike can gather to share and promote their cultures, allowing them the opportunity to celebrate the wonders of each other’s culture and diversity. Cultural Expo helped everyone gain a better understanding of each other, and bring us even more closely together. 

Pakuranga College is an open, safe, and diverse space for everyone, and we hope all our students know this too. Our culture should be something that we are all proud of and feel safe talking about; each culture has its own beauty to cherish.  Pakuranga College is grateful for all the wonderful cultures that we’ve been able to celebrate. 

Once again; a big thank you to all the cultural groups that worked hard to make Cultural Expo an astonishing success. Huge thank you to the African, Chinese, Cook Islands, Cultural Diveristy, Fijian, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Kapa Haka, Korean, Pakpop and Samoan groups!

The Cultural Council

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