Cultural Expo Celebrates Diversity

04 May Cultural Expo Celebrates Diversity

The Cultural Expo was one of the main highlights of Term 1! The performances were a vibrant and outstanding celebration of diversity within Pakuranga College. The expo featured cultural groups celebrating Japanese, Samoan, Cook Island, Indian, Filipino and African cultures, plus Kapa Haka, Chinese Rap Club, Chinese Dance Group and Pakpop, our K-pop group.

The performers showed their distinct cultural identities through their art, which ranged from traditional dances to contemporary music, transporting the audience to different parts of the world as they were exposed to a variety of cultures. Each performance showcased the depth and beauty of its culture, reminding the students that despite the variety of differences in our cultures, we are all connected through our shared humanity.

It was an honour to have such a huge crowd who supported our performers and celebrated their culture regardless of ethnicity. Seeing this, we are reminded that celebrating diversity is essential for building a more inclusive community within Pakuranga College. We are extremely excited for the upcoming biggest night of the year – Cultural Night – which will be held on 4 and 5 August. The tickets are $7 and the money goes to a charity!

Valentina Balykina – Cultural Council Exec, Year 13

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