Cultural Expo 2017

25 May Cultural Expo 2017

The 2017 Cultural Expo held at Pakuranga College on the 10th and 15th of May, showcased the diverse range of cultures within our school community. Cultural groups at our school were given the opportunity to share their backgrounds and traditions with their peers. Students had the chance to experience the different customs and traditions that come with each culture found at Pakuranga College.

Whether Maori, Indian, African, Samoan, Tongan, Korean, Filipino or Spanish, each group brought a different flavour to the cultural festivities, which the Cultural Council continuously tries to encourage and support throughout our school. Through a combination of stalls and performances, each group was able to highlight the different ethnicities which make up our school. Students were able to join other cultural groups in order to learn and experience cultural customs other than their own.

The Cultural Council is working hard to develop the theme ‘We Are One’ at our school and to incorporate the value that every culture is welcome and part of the Pakuranga College community. Through music and dance, traditional customs and costumes as well as food, the different cultures within our school will be further honoured and highlighted through the annual Cultural Night, which will be held later during the year on 27 July, Term 3.

by The Cultural Council


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