Congratulations to Our Scholarship Winners!

10 Feb Congratulations to Our Scholarship Winners!

The results are in, and we are extremely proud to announce that scholarships were awarded to the following Pakuranga College students:

Outstanding Scholarships:

Benny Shen – Statistics, Calculus

Nelson Song – Calculus

Samuel Chen – Physics, Calculus


Benny Shen – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Zhi Kang Phung  – Biology

Paul Koraua – Economics

Shehan Ranasinghe – Statistics

Lucas De Thierry – Drama

Daniel Tukiri – Japanese

Francesca Oyanedel Martell – English

Ruby Clavey – Drama

Hongjia Chen – Statistics, Calculus

Arvin Lim – Classical Studies

Kazuma Nakano – Statistics, History

Nelson Song – Chemistry, Physics, Statistics

Yichen Liu – English

Henry Chen – History

Joshua Sheehan – Media Studies

Yichen Liu – English

Henry Cheng – History

Tracy Xu – English

Nicholas Webber – English, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Geography

Briana Price – Accounting

Zhi Ying Lie – Accounting

Jonathan Luo – Chemistry, Calculus

Li Yang – Calculus



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