Coding Club Quest

30 Mar Coding Club Quest

The Pakuranga College Coding Club took part in the Coding Quest international coding competition, running from 6 to 17 March. The competition involves students solving one problem a day for 10 days, using a coding language of their own choice, with the problems becoming increasingly difficult as the competition progresses.

15 Pakuranga College students took part in the competition. Students were ranked on the leaderboards by how long it took them to solve the problems, and unfortunately, this was always going to cause problems with our New Zealand time zone – all the problems were released at one o’clock in the morning!

Despite the time zone disadvantage, our students made good progress, and as the problems became increasingly difficult, our talented coders moved quickly up the main leaderboard, with Pakuranga College finally managing to sneak into the top 10 schools globally!

The top Pakuranga College student was William Leader, who managed to consistently have the problems solved before 7am each day. Liam Gallagher and Calvin Hanna were 2nd and 3rd for the school. Special mention to Devaansh Gupta, who challenged himself to solve the problems in the C programming language, adding significantly to the difficulty level. Congratulations to all who took part.

The problems are still live and open to anyone to try at

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