Classics Trip

11 May Classics Trip

We asked students Georgia Beillard and Emily Lloyd about their recent visit to Greece and Italy on Pakuranga College’s first ever Classics trip.


What was your favourite part of the trip?

Georgia: Probably visiting Pompei and the ruins, because I was studying it last year and final realized the scale of what happened there.

Emily: Probably Delphi. I really loved the museum and the guide was amazing. The site was beautiful. It was in the mountains and so well preserved. 


Which country did you prefer, Italy or Greece?

Georgia: I loved both, but feel like I have a connection to Italy. My family is Italian and I still have family in the north. There isn’t as much history in Milan where they live and it was great to visit a different part of the country. Going with friends was a new experience too. Especially seeing their reaction to everything and watching them learn about the culture.

Emily: Elements of both. I preferred the sights in Greece to Italy, although Rome and Pompei were amazing. The people in Greece were more friendly too as the ones we met weren’t as overexposed to tourists. But, our tour guide in Rome was just amazing.


How has the trip helped your studies?

Georgia: Having the actual knowledge and seeing the reality, not just seeing photos really helps. For example, we looked at some photos of mosaics and our teacher told us that some of the times were  ½ mm squared. When you see the real thing, you realise just how tiny that it and how much skill was involved in making the mosaic.

Emily: At the moment our assessment is actually on Pompei and the eruption of Vesuvius. Visiting the site makes it easier to piece everything together. We also went to Naples Museum to visit the artworks including the Alexander mosaic. The real pieces were amazing and so much better: a lot different from photos which can’t capture the size and detail of the real works.


How has the trip affected your view of Classics?

Georgia: I’m one hundred percent more passionate about Classics now. It was so eye opening. I have always found Classics interesting but seeing the remains of actual civilisations, like the temples of the gods people worshipped, not just stories, made it even better. There is a sense of history in Europe that we don’t have here in New Zealand.

Emily: I appreciate Classics more than before. Seeing these things in real life makes them more real. When you are studying there is often a disconnection between real lives and real people. This trip made everything more real and relevant.


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