Classics Trip 2019

10 May Classics Trip 2019

OPA! Buongiorno! You’re in Greece and Italy! You know how they say, “first hand learning is the best learning”? Well, it truly is, and we feel obligated to share at least a few of our ancient memories with you. Religion, politics and war all blossoming from the heart of ancient civilisations, Greece and Rome, with cultures that mix modern lifestyles with authentic art from times before we can even imagine.


We started our journey through the streets of Athens, with such a lively culture and the experience of dancing with beautiful music we were welcomed to Europe with open arms. To put a cherry on top of the cake, the works of the Ancient Romans that we had seen in the Acropolis showcased magnificent skill and also how mesmerising the human body can be, as a mound of marble carved to detail as a tribute to the holy ones, seeing the home of the great Socrates himself has opened our eyes in so many different ways.  The first Olympics being held in 776 BC, visiting the site of its origin, was a moment that could send shivers down your spine. Staring in the face of history and walking in tracks that were around from the time this global phenomenon began, was an indescribable experience.


Swish-swish the water under our boat trollops as we set sail for our next destination, Italy. The smell of lemons engulfing the air in the beautiful bay of Sorrento and the pizza, pasta and bread being our best friends in good ‘ol Naples. Sites such as the Vatican State and Colosseum captivating our eyes and taking our breaths away, it was enough to bring some of us to tears. We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be fully surrounded by a city with such rich history and architecture. We have spent many weeks learning about all these different topics and then taking this adventure to actually see the sights before us, no words could ever explain the sheer joy we all held.


The trip in all was a time to make decadent sorbets and pizzas and witness life-changing sights. We formed amazing bonds on this trip and learnt so much about ourselves in the process. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible for us; our teachers Mrs Jacobsen, Mr Dunlop and Ms Bryson – even through all the jet lag and cankles they never stopped checking in on everyone. Also, to our amazing parents and caregivers, without you all this wouldn’t have been possible. Plus, to the students on this little adventure – we looked after each other and gained some amazing memories in the process. So from “The Classicists” to all, we would like to say grazie and ciao bella!


Written by Karishma, Natalia and Charlotte


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