Classics Students Get Close to Ancient Greece

18 Aug Classics Students Get Close to Ancient Greece

Our Classics students explored the Ancients Greeks exhibition at Auckland Museum on 10 August, an experience captured in a slam poem by Year 13 Cornelius Douw Nel.

Our Classics classes curiously crossed into the world of Ancient Greece,

Contemplating the cautiously curated collection of exhibits,

among regions like Epirus, Attica and Crete.


Many wonders did we see,

from tales told on time-ridden pots and marble reliefs,

to the famous figures framed upon coins,

and statues and statuettes without cloth for their loins;

and oh, so much more.


A statue of Aphrodite with Eros on a dolphin at her feet,

Commentary on ancient society in the form of figurines,

Busts of poets like Euripedes,

and pots depicting the hero Achilles.

And so much more did we see.


Statues of athletes and portrayals of sports.

An exhibit of armour no longer adorned.

All told a story of people no longer born,

The story of Greeks and their excellent swords.


The blade of their culture cut into the eons to come,

Shared morals, problems and habits, indeed there are some,

The Greeks they do tell,

The truths of ourselves,

Although to time they’ve succumbed,

We can take pages from the books on their shelves.

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