Chinese Trip

23 May Chinese Trip

On 15 May, we took Year 11 and 12 Chinese language students on a Chinese culture and food experience as part of the senior Chinese language programme. It was a great opportunity for the students to practise their language skills and gain new culture experience, as well as reinforce the importance of school values through the promotion of the 3G4G (3 good 4 giving) festival at Fo Guang Shan.

Anny Ma, Languages Faculty


The trip to the temple, best described through my perspective was refreshing and meaningful. Refreshing in terms of having the focus being on ourselves and our character, which is something that brings peace to my mind.

It fulfilled a place in myself, where I was able to take some time away from school, stress and pressure and just remember how beautiful our lives are and that we should spend them with a good heart and a good mind. It was meaningful, as I was given the opportunity to see the values within another culture and another belief and that opened up a new door of wanting to seek further.

As we were in the centre of the four wishful trees: confidence, joy, hope and convenience, I felt a new step of understanding and peace making it my most memorable part within this experience.”

Asenla Tanuvasa, Year 12



Translation: This trip was very meaningful. We learnt about 3 good and 4 giving. I think the interaction with the abbess was the most interesting part of the trip.

Aaron Chen, Year 12 International student


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