Changes to Senior Derived Grade Exams

27 Aug Changes to Senior Derived Grade Exams

We were scheduled to have senior derived grade exams in the final week of this term. However, with the amount of time that we have had in lockdown this year, we think that it is more important to have students in class with the teachers as much as possible.

These exams serve two main purposes:

  1. As a practice for students so they can see how they are going in their preparation for the external exams in November.
  2. To provide evidence for derived grades in case something happens, and a student cannot sit the final exams in November.

We believe that we can meet both of these objectives by having in-class tests/mini exams during the last two weeks of school. This means that students won’t be off school on study leave for a week while we have the exams.

In short: There will be NO exam week with study leave this term. Instead, students will attend school as normal and there will be in-class tests and mini exams.

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