22 May Lock Down Art

An Exhibition of Photographic Conventions During Lockdown, our Arts Faculty ran an exciting student photography project. Each week students learned about and explored a different photographic convention. These were then presented online for students to vote on as a way to view and connect with each others'...

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24 Sep Arts Week 2019

Arts Week kicked off on 16th September and featured a wealth of exciting events from all of the Arts disciplines. There was everything from international music to illumination art, and Shakespeare to hip hop for both students and staff to enjoy. CLICK HERE to see how...

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09 May Quilting Culture Project

In Term 1 Mrs. Harrington’s Year 10 Art class collaborated to produce a culture quilt which celebrates the diversity within our school and wider New Zealand. Each student explored their chosen culture and produced a section of the quilt. Students began by learning about portrait photography,...

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27 Mar Auckland Museum Art Trip

On Tuesday 26th March the two Year 12 VRT classes travelled in to The Auckland Museum. The purpose of the trip was to collect examples of pattern carved, woven or incised onto wood, bone, stone and textiles. The photographs the students collected will be used as inspiration...

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