Caleb Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting Students

18 Jun Caleb Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting Students

This year we celebrate the contribution of Caleb Finlayson, who is one of our fantastic youth workers. Caleb has been providing support for students here at Pakuranga College for 10 years!


“I was fortunate enough to ‘adopt’ Caleb, who was already on my team, when I became the team leader in 2014. I often relied on his knowledge and experience, as I was learning the ropes.

Caleb is known and respected by so many staff and students. He is a fantastic youth worker who gives himself to many areas of the school, including coaching volleyball and basketball. 

We are very lucky to have him at the school and look for to celebrating 20 years.”

Carmel Bell, Youth Work Team Leader


“It has been such a privilege to be apart of this school for such a long time.  Part of my drive and the heart behind why I have stuck around, is the desire to be a consistent presence to these young people, when the world around them is so inconsistent.

I count myself lucky to be able to engage with students and watch them grow and hopefully be a part of that development”

Caleb Finlayson, Youth Worker





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