Business Market Day

02 Jul Business Market Day

On Tuesday the 30th of June, 40 Level 2 Business students took to the Hall in the hopes of selling their products to the Pakuranga College student body.

There was a great turnout, which provided the students with plenty of opportunity to market and sell their goods, as per the requirements of their Business course.

Something for Everyone

There was a wide array of products including: candy floss, lip balms, edible body scrubs, scented soy candles, lolly mixtures, bath bombs, butter chicken, jewellery and more!

The event proved to be a very profitable venture for many teams, while some groups were left with a lot of room for improvement for the second Market Day early in Term 3.

Customer Feedback

Level 2 Business students must attempt to produce and sell their products twice, and show that they have taken the customer feedback onboard. They then use this to create an improved version of their product next term.

The students would like to thank all the staff and students who attended Market Day, and we’re hoping for an even bigger buzz and turnout in Term 3!

by Dave Dunlop, Head of Dept, Business

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