Skye Bowden

Senior Sportsperson of the Year

Brandon Meyer

Junior Sportsperson of the Year

Jamie Tukiri

All-Round Contribution to Sport

Rishitha Kasireddy

Service to Sport

Boys’ 1st XI Hockey

Team of the Year


  • Junior Boys Athletics Champion  Immanuel de Ridder
  • Junior Girls Athletics Champion  Taylor Holmes
  • Intermediate Boys Athletics Champion  Dylan Dam
  • Intermediate Girls Athletics Champion  Natasha Smith
  • Senior Boys Athletics Champion  Sam White
  • Senior Girls Athletics Champion  Skye Bowden



  • Most Improved Badminton Girl  Selina Gee
  • Most Improved Badminton Boy  Jason Wu
  • Female Player of the Year  Lois Ko
  • Male Player of the Year  Harvey Dang



  • Greatest Contribution to Basketball (Boys)  Michael Dijkstra & Lanzo Spano Trujassou
  • Greatest Contribution to Basketball (Girls)  Sarah Tran
  • Junior Girls Basketball Player of the Year  Puaolena Fausia
  • Junior Boys Basketball Player of the Year  Ruben Carstens
  • Senior Girls Basketball Player of the Year  Sayandra Anderson
  • Senior Boys Basketball Player of the Year  Ryzmin Tuifao & Jaxon Crowther
  • Premier Girls Captain  Marama Downes & Sayandra Anderson
  • Premier Boys Captain  Talanoa Latu



  • Most Improved Cricket Player  Henry Duckworth
  • Most Valuable Cricket Player  Jamie Tukiri
  • Best Batsman  Lucas Troughear
  • Best Bowler  Lucas Troughear
  • Most Valuable Player – Girls Cricket  Alyssa Bowden



  • Pegasus Award  Ashton Moana



  • Orienteering Award  Louis Hewitson-Townley



  • Junior Boys Football Player of the Year  Regan Prow
  • Junior Girls Football Player of the Year  Kuda Tendenguwo
  • Captain of the Girls 1st XI Football Team Hannah Madden-Snoad
  • Senior Girls Player of the Year  Hannah Madden-Snoad
  • Captain of the Boys 1st XI Football Team  Daniel Green
  • Senior Boys Football Player of the Year  Daniel Green



  • Greatest Contribution to Hockey  Campbell McPherson & Jaap Skinner
  • Junior Girls Player of the Year  Izelle Steyn
  • Junior Boys Player of the Year  Ethan Green
  • Captain of the Girls 1st XI Hockey Team  Madison Hohneck & Mary Hislop
  • Senior Girls Hockey Player of the Year  Madison Hohneck
  • Senior Boys Hockey Player of the Year  Sam White
  • Captain of Boys 1st XI Hockey Team  Sam White



  • Greatest Contribution to Netball  Sabrina Harada
  • Most Improved Netball Player  Emily Hari
  • Junior Netball Player of the Year  Kate Hari & Hailey Brokenshire
  • Captain of Premier Netball  Christina Appleby-Lambert
  • Player of the Year  Jamie Clifford



  • Most Promising Rugby Player  Bray Thaivichith-Hoera
  • Most Improved Boy  G.C. Els
  • Most Dedicated Rugby Player  Marc Holzer
  • Most Outstanding Rugby Player  Josiah Karapani
  • 1st XV Captain  Jamie Tukiri
  • Rugby Player of the Year  Josiah Karapani



  • Player of the Year  Isaac Matalavea-Booth



  • Junior Player of the Year  Moriah Williams
  • Senior Player of the Year  Tayla Pearce



  • Junior Girls Champion  Alexia Perese
  • Junior Boys Champion  Ethan Green
  • Intermediate Girls Champion  Caitlin Green
  • Intermediate Boys Champion  Ryan Oliver
  • Senior Girls Champion  Phoebe Harris
  • Senior Boys Champion  Tyron Henry



  • Most Outstanding Player  Alvin Huang



  • Male Player of the Year  Danesh Karai
  • Female Player of the Year  Jasmine Gulanes
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