Art is the Best Medicine

18 Feb Art is the Best Medicine

At the request of the School Nurse, a group of Year 9 Art students led by Head of the Arts Faculty, Mrs Woodward, has created a stunning mural to grace the wall of the medical centre. Taking its inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’, the colourful piece includes details about the interests of the students who created it.

The idea to feature a tree as the focus of the artwork came from student Kaleb Farr (pictured). The outline of the tree itself was created by Kaitlin Spinnler (also pictured), with the group then each completing one square of the final piece. House colours formed the background for each of these squares and students then chose a ‘life affirming’ element to symbolise things that are important to them. These include everything from fruit to a guitar.

School Nurse, Liz Rahui, who requested the mural, is delighted with the resuts, saying: “It’s the perfect distraction for students who are unwell. If they are anxious we can ask them to focus on the mural and pick out the parts that they like best. It has really lifted the mood of the space.”

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