ANZAC Service Assemblies

27 May ANZAC Service Assemblies

This year’s assemblies brought together dance, poetry and music to communicate the ANZAC message. It was particularly impressive to see junior students taking a full part and speaking to the whole school with poise. Our speakers were Pluto Malaki-Martin, Stefan Lim, Lakshmi Thilakeswaran, Maria Maivalenisau and Seeret Dhaliwal.

Danika Shuster expertly presented her own performance poetry and Carlos Norton read with great empathy one of Jessie Pope’s 1916 poems. Dance has become an important part of the assemblies and feedback tells us that students found the performances by Felicity Dowden, Emma Impey and Evangeline McLean, and Akosita Guttenbeil, Maniah Waihape and Milan Gulati, very meaningful.

Equally integral to the assemblies were the school chamber orchestra, choir and kapa haka group. The rendition of ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’ was particularly moving. Thank you also, to Michael Long and Baylin Pahara who began each assembly with a karakia. Lastly, thank you to Mr Sangster, the President of Howick RSA, who spoke about the meaning of Anzac to the school and wider community.

by Dr Martyn Davison, Social Sciences Faculty

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