Anti-Tour Protester Shares Her Story

14 Sep Anti-Tour Protester Shares Her Story

On 20th August, Year 11 History students had the privilege of hearing Mrs McIvor’s story about her experiences as an anti-tour protester in the 1981 Springbok Rugby Tour. She was able to share with us her reasons for taking part in the tour’s protests, what being a protester was like and the impact the tour left on her and her relationships.

It was fascinating to hear a personal perspective from someone who was involved with this major event that caused the greatest civil disturbance in NZ History. Mrs McIvor was able to provide the students with insightful information that will be extremely useful for our History NCEA exams which are coming up.

All of the History students greatly appreciate Mrs McIvor for taking her time out of her day, to share a piece of her story with us.

by Nancy Guo, Year 11

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