Angela Celestino Gets stART at AI Gallery

16 Feb Angela Celestino Gets stART at AI Gallery

Over the summer holidays, Year 13 student Angela Celestino participated in the Auckland International Art Gallery’s stART programme. This programme offers 16-18-year-olds the opportunity to learn from some of New Zealand’s most successful artists. Receiving mentorship from three talented New Zealand artists, Angela learnt valuable skills and techniques regarding the perception and development of an artistic idea into a tangible product.

During this workshop, not only did Angela have the guidance of experienced artists, but she also was able to interview them on how they create their art.

Angela states that “what you see in an artwork is not what others necessarily see”. From her experience, Angela has learnt that “art itself is all about developing the perception of an artwork”.

By learning about the different procedures and techniques of different mediums of art Angela has significantly developed her visual art skills.

“Art doesn’t need to be a drawing, it can be digital, on clothes, a painting on the wall” Angela expresses, and with the standard of artwork that has been produced during Angela’s time at the gallery, we can hope that more students will express themselves in similar ways.

Well done Angela!

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