Amy Yang Selected for National Exhibition

16 Feb Amy Yang Selected for National Exhibition

2022 Year 13 student, Amy Yang, has had her Level 3 Design portfolio selected for the annual NZQA Top Art Exhibition. This extraordinary honour means that Amy’s work is in the top 10 of all Level 3 Design nationwide for 2022.

Amy worked on her portfolio for up to 10 hours each week, from the start of school last year. Students had to explore a social issue, and after first dabbling with the topic of depression, Amy was inspired to create a design that promoted giving blood, particularly repeat donations.

“I wanted to target youth blood donations and came up with the concept of a blood berry. The idea was that strawberries grow until they are red and ripe and then we pick them and each plant can grow many strawberries to pick.

“I wanted to apply that to blood donation by conveying the message that blood reserves replenish every day, just as a strawberry grows, and therefore you can donate multiple times.

“The logo is my favourite piece of work, it’s a strawberry plant bearing blood-bag fruit.”

Amy’s advice to design students in 2023 is to be original and let their creativity shine. “I felt shocked when I heard my work had been selected for the Top Art Exhibition, but I think the originality of the concept was part of the appeal. I wasn’t that confident when my work was submitted, but this recognition has given me a lot of assurance in my abilities.”

Amy is commencing study in Design at the University of Melbourne this year. The Top Art Exhibition will be touring Auckland schools in March, May and June. Find more details here.

Congratulations Amy!

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