Ambury Park Science Trips

27 Mar Ambury Park Science Trips

On 8th, 18th and 22nd of March 2019, 11 Level 1 Science classes and 1 Year 10 extension class visited Ambury Regional Park. The aim for this trip was for the students to observe selective breeding in cattle and sheep, which will help them when they sit the Genetics Variation standard in November. The students were taught about the different features in sheep and how each species is suited to fit a certain environment. The students also learned about selective breeding and what traits are selected by the farmers to increase their profit. These traits included wool type, milk production and meat production.

One of the educators demonstrated ways of shearing the sheep, which was a highlight for the students. They also informed the students which wool types are more valuable than others and what qualities make it worth more money.

Later on, the students were taken to the paddock to identify cows that are bred for milk and those that are bred for meat. They were also asked to identify the bulls among the cows on the paddock. The students enjoyed feeding the cows hay and patting the sheep.

Overall, despite the rain on one of these days, the students enjoyed being outdoors on a farm with the animals and, for some, this was their first experience with farm animals!


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