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01 Jun All About Easter

Easter is a very special occasion for Christian communities around the world. The date for Easter changes annually. It falls on a Sunday between the 22nd of March and 25th of April every year. This year, Easter 2022 was observed on Sunday, 17th April. This special day celebrates Jesus resurrecting, which took place three days after he was executed by crucifixion. The week leading up to Easter is called Holy Week. Good Friday is a dark day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, whilst Easter Sunday is a prosperous day that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday takes place exactly a week before Easter Sunday. This is the first day of Holy Week and it celebrates Jesus visiting Jerusalem by riding on a donkey. Many people came out of the city to welcome and greet him by throwing down palm branches on the road. Roman Catholic and Anglican churches provide small crosses that are made from palm leaves. Therefore, it reminds people of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem and his crucifixion on the cross. Some Christians even keep these in their homes all year round as a symbol of their beliefs, trust, and religion. 


Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday is three days before the actual date of Easter Day.
This date demonstrates that Christians remember when Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples. It also included drinking wine and breaking bread. As a result, this meal is referred to as the Last Supper. Many Christians around the world remember the Last Supper by sharing wine and bread together in a church service called Mass, Holy Communion, or Eucharist. It reminds us that Jesus sacrificed his own life for humanity and mankind.


Good Friday
Good Friday is two days before the actual date of Easter Day. It commemorates the execution of Jesus Christ by crucifixion.
Good Friday is considered to be a dark day or a day of sorrow in church services worldwide. During these special Good Friday services, Christians remember the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and what it really means for their religious beliefs and faith. However, in some countries, there are re-enactments of the crucifixion or Good Friday possessions that are very unique. 


Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After Jesus was crucified on the cross on Good Friday, his body was taken down from the cross and got buried inside a cave tomb. The tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers and a massive stone blocked the entrance.

On Easter Sunday, Mary and some of Jesus’ followers visited the tomb of the cave. However, once they arrived, they found out that the stone had already moved and that Jesus’ body was gone. Jesus was seen later on the same day by Mary and the Apostles. His disciples perceived that God had revived Jesus from the dead. Consequently, Christians call this the resurrection. Easter Sunday is considered to be a prosperous day for Christian communities. Through his resurrection, Christians believe that Jesus overcame sin and death. Therefore, it provides people the promise of living eternally if they follow and learn his teachings.


For Christian communities worldwide, Easter eggs are used to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ as an egg symbolises a new life. Nowadays, the majority of Easter eggs are covered in coloured foil and created from chocolate. Traditionally however, chicken eggs would first be hard-boiled before they were decorated by hand. Traditional Easter egg hunts remain popular with children of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures all around the world. Easter remains an important celebration in the Christian community, and will continue to be one forever.


Nijaya Senarath-Dassanyake

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