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When studying at Pakuranga College, international students may choose one of the following options for accommodation:


  • Stay with their mother or father, who can apply for a Guardian Visa to accompany them to New Zealand. The Guardian cannot work while in New Zealand on a Guardian visa.
  • Live with a school-approved homestay family.
  • Stay with a family member or close family friend known to the student’s parents. This person is called a Designated Caregiver.

Students may NOT live alone, or in accommodation shared with friends, even if they are over 18.


At Pakuranga College, we know that being happy at home is just as important as being happy at school. All of our host families are carefully chosen. They welcome our students into their family and help them to experience the Kiwi way of life.


Our Homestay Coordinator visits families and students often, to make sure that everyone is happy and that students have settled in to their new environment and our dedicated and experienced team is available 24/7.


All homes are located in affluent areas, within walking distance or a short bus ride from school.

Your homestay family
  • Your family has been specially chosen for you. They will act in place of your parents while you are in NZ. Make sure you have completed our questionnaire so that we understand your needs.
  • All families have different habits and customs. It is important to find out what your new family expects of you. You will be given a booklet called Homestay Information and Guidance for International Students. You should read and discuss this booklet with your family. It includes a list of useful questions you might ask, such as what to call them, when to have a shower and what happens with your washing.
  • You will have your own room.
  • You should ask them about use of the computer/internet.
  • You will need to get a NZ SIM card for your phone and will need to open a NZ bank account. Your homestay family or our Homestay Co-ordinator will help you with these.
  • Your family will show you how to get to school. NB You are not allowed to own nor drive a car while you are an international student at Pakuranga College.
  • Most parents work (mother and father).
  • Our Homestay Co-ordinator can be contacted in an emergency 027 29 44 925 if you need her.


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international students in the education sector

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