A Day in the Life of a Ball

30 Mar A Day in the Life of a Ball


“And I’m not coming out anytime soon!” 

“Oh yes, you will young man!”


This is what I hear as I am lying under the bed, trying to take a nap. Great, right? You may think that being a ball owned by an 11-year-old boy is not that fun, but you would be wrong. Well, being a ball is actua- oh wait, I should introduce myself first. I am a yellow bouncy ball and I am owned by, like I said, an 11-year-old boy named Jack. Jack Carter, to be exact. He lives with his mum, dad, and older sister called Ayana who is 12. Just so you know, Ayana is VERY pretty. She is super popular and this makes up for Jack’s lack of popularity. He… well… he is very unpopular to be truthful. Guess which sibling I got stuck with? Yep, you guessed it, Jack. Mr. Unpopular. Jack, who plays handball in the middle of the courts. 

You see, the popular kids (like Ayana) invade the boy’s area and sit on the table tennis tables and talk the whole lunchtime. The basketball kids play basketball (obviously) on the courts. The active, sporty people play tag and other varieties of games with each other. Unlike some of the other groups, the sporty kids are made up of both boys and girls. Finally, the kids who don’t fit into the groups mentioned above play handball in the middle of the courts. As I said before, Jack, my owner, is in this group. Let’s just say firsthand, it’s not fun. The only good thing about being in this group is that the kids aren’t very good at playing handball. Why is this good you ask? I can try to escape. The kids always miss their shots and I go flying in any and every direction. You’re about to start thinking “You’re a ball. You can’t move on your own anyway. How can you escape?”. Nope, DON’T start thinking about it. Stop! No! Ok, good. Now get that thought out of your head. I know I technically can’t but I can at least dream, ok? Good enough for you? I can’t go anywhere unless I roll there and these kids are surprisingly fast. You wouldn’t expect it, but some could make it into the running squad if they wanted. 

You may be thinking that I am a very smart ball, knowing all this. Yes, I am. Thank you! So anyway, this particular day started with me lying under the bed, trying to sleep but failing miserably. Jack came up to my, I guess HIS, room (it is so mine though) and he flopped down on his bed. Thump! This is the sound that I heard. Oh yeah, and a small groan. It sounded like this – grooooooooaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn! Then he had a little cry, not sad, but more frustrated and angry. I just sat there, like a person on a day when it’s too hot to do anything else. Well, it’s not like I have anything else to do. Even if I did, like you pointed out, I can’t do anything on my own but think and talk to you!

So my day continued with me getting thrown into Jack’s backpack, which is surprisingly quite comfy! Jack and I left for school. He goes to Marsh River Intermediate School. This is the same school that Ayana goes to, but in February she is moving to Marsh River High School. The schools are right next to each other and she sometimes goes to talk to her friends’ older siblings (when she isn’t sitting on the table tennis tables).

Continuing with my spectacular day, Jack sprinted to the bus. He. Was. Late. Yep, late. That meant I was late too! How unfair is that, huh? As we arrived at school, I was thrown around the old bag (a hand me down from Ayana. No, it wasn’t pink) and felt like throwing up, if balls could throw up that is. We continued to speed down the hill and ran straight into one of his classmates (part of the sporty group) who was walking abnormally fast down the hallway. Well, it didn’t go like that in reality. It was more like: 

*Jack runs down the hallway.* “Oh no, I’m gonna be late!”

*Sporty kid walks abnormally fast down the hallway. He isn’t looking where he is going.*

*Jack and the sporty kid almost collide.*

“Whoah, watch where you are going little kid!” 

*Jack retaliates. He doesn’t like being called ‘little’.*

“Well, sorry ‘bout that ‘mate’. See ya!” 

*Jack sprints off and the sporty kid keeps walking abnormally fast*

Yeah, it went like that. Before you ask, yes I didn’t make this up. Please don’t ask how I know this, that’s between me, myself and I thank you very much.

Ok, so it is now a couple of hours later (class time) and I thought I would inform you of how I have been doing. Firstly, I have been good! Thank you for asking, I have been sitting in Jack’s backpack on the bag rack for the last half an hour while Jack’s class has been learning math. They are currently learning how to do short division. Very fun, I know. Not. I was just minding my own business and sitting there, wedged between the lunchbox and the jumper (I was very warm on this particularly cold winter’s day) and then the most boring thing happened to me. I got taken out of Jack’s bag and into the classroom. Jack, the sly little boy that he is, faked going to the bathroom so he could get me to entertain himself! He slipped me into his pocket as I am not that big and took me to the class! I would say it was a smooth ride and Jack handled the situation well. He apologised to the teacher for not telling her that he was going to the ‘bathroom’ and sat down. 

Sneakily, he took me out of his pocket and bounced me to his friend. His friend was named Sammy. Sammy bounced me to Lucas. Lucas bounced me to Max. Max, being the confident person he is, bounced me to one of the girls called Nayeon. Nayeon bounced me to Sana. Sana bounced me to Lucy and Lucy bounced it to Chaeyoung. Finally, Chaeyoung tried (and failed) to pass me to Jihyo. Jihyo missed and I bounced enthusiastically to the feet of Miss Nixon. NO! I can’t be bounced to the teacher! I heard Nayeon whisper “oh no”. Chaeyoung chimed in with “I’m so, so sorry you guys”. Yeah, she should be. Miss Nixon turned around to pick me up and announced that whoever’s ball I was had to step forward and take claim to me. Jack stood up and made his way slowly and shamefully to the teacher’s desk. “It’s mine. I’m sorry Miss.” He looked like his feet were as heavy as a ton of bricks. I felt miserable and sorry for him. When you think about it though, it was his fault, so don’t get too sad over it. 

It is now home time and I am sitting in Jack’s bag while riding the bus home. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful as I got confiscated and had to sit in Miss Nixon’s drawer for the rest of the day. Right now, I can hear the kids on the bus being rowdy, shouting and yelling. I won’t document what happens once we get home as it is pretty uneventful. I just get brought inside and get rolled under the bed, sitting there until the next time we go to school. I hope you enjoyed reading all about my day! You were amazing, you know! 

Somya Khan – Year 9

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