48 Hours of Furious Filmmaking 2019

25 Jun 48 Hours of Furious Filmmaking 2019

The 48 Hours Filmmaking competition challenges students from across New Zealand to write, shoot and edit a short film. This year, six groups from Pakuranga College entered and, for such a challenging and stressful competition, it was shockingly stress free. 

Filmmaking took place from Friday 14th to Monday 17th June. All teams had finished filming on Saturday and produced a rough cut from Saturday evening. ALL 6 teams completed and handed in their films with 1 hour 30 mins to spare!

The genres/themes allocated were as follows:

Year 11s: Gross Out / Cringe Comedy AND Real Time movie

Year 12s: Secret Identity movie AND Opposites Attract movie

Year 13s: Wrong Place / Wrong Time movie AND The Holiday Movie


We also awarded our own special awards at the end of the competition based on the school’s learning values:

  • Lily Jalfon Taylor – MVP award – For showing Connect & Respect – Working together as part of a team, showing leadership in the edit, respected feedback and working hard to apply this, including and incorporating others’ ideas and suggestions.


  • Jimi Webb – Busy Bee award – For showing Strive & Reflect – Worked non-stop all weekend, worked tirelessly, super organised, kept his team on track and working, took on feedback well and applied that feedback superbly.


  • Manny Corpuz – Auteur award – For showing Create – Problem solving around editing and sound, showing creative flair and technical innovation in the edit, working with musicians in Christchurch to source music, designed graphics for a video game fight sequence.


At the HAND IN on Sunday at 7pm, the organisers told us: 

  • They handed in with 1 hour 30 minutes to spare
  • All 6 teams will be placed into the same heat on Friday 28th June, 6pm
  • They were very impressed that there were 6 teams from a single school



  • Eina, Shane, Carol, Mandy, Kalpana, Kreasen – Support staff
  • Jeffrey, Matthew, Vanessa – For either popping in and helping
  • My team Wanda, Rebecca, Ellysa – Media Teachers and supporting teams over the whole weekend

by Lewis Bostock, Media Department



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