48 Hour Film Competition

24 Apr 48 Hour Film Competition

Pakuranga College’s Media department is proud to have registered 10 entries in the VF48HOURS: Lockdown competition. Students were challenged to write, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours, while keeping within the boundaries of the national lockdown. For some teams, this meant working virtually: writing scripts, filming and transferring footage over the internet.

Of the 10 entries, 5 were solo entries working entirely alone and recruiting family members within their bubble to act & star in their films. Amongst those going solo were: Ella Mudgway, Lauren Hoflich, Jordan Kanon, Kimberly Hauser & Erin Kernot. Two entries were family teams, including The Macleod sisters: Kirsty, Mairi & Eilidh Macleod and the Priestley twins: Cory & Hagen Priestley. Two teams worked virtually: Manny Corpuz, Lucy Coring & Emily Stone and Hunter Robson, Bernon Santos & Oliver Mason.

All teams received their genre & elements on Friday 17th April at 7pm. The films needed to be completed and handed in digitally to the 48 Hours website by Sunday 19th April at 7pm. The genres this year included: Horror, sci-fi, adventure, unwanted guest, urban fantasy and whodunnit. The elements this year were an arc shot, echo and a photograph. Judging is currently taking place, so under 48 Hours we cannot upload the films. Students are competing for cash prizes including the opportunity to screen on TV2 on Friday 8th May, at 9.30pm.

by Lewis Bostock, Head of Department – Media



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