40 Hour Famine Fundraiser

07 Jun 40 Hour Famine Fundraiser

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, the Interact Club hosted the 40 Hour Famine Launch Day. This year’s Famine is in support of the South Sudanese Refugees and as a school, we have committed to raising $10,000.

There were live performances from talented students, twister mat games, and fundraising booklets were handed out so students could get involved and support this important cause. We also have a ‘Pakuranga College’ fundraising site on the NZ World Vision page, and all donations are welcome!

Throughout this term, Interact will be hosting events such as a ‘Teacher Talent Show’ on Tuesday 5th June, Wednesday 6th June, and Thursday 7th June, of week 6. We will also be hosting a bake sale on Thursday 7th June, a car wash, and a ‘Loose Change’ day for each of the 6 Houses. We recently also collaborated with the Sports Council for a one day Netball Tournament on Thursday 24th May. The official 40 Hour Famine weekend is on 8-10 June. Famine events are localised events in which participants give up something such as eating or using the internet for 30 or 40 hours. The main point is to raise awareness for the charity and its work. The 40 Hour Famine is a cause, we are privileged people who are fortunate in many ways so let’s come together and support the women, men, and children of South Sudan!


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