2022 House Captains

03 Mar 2022 House Captains

Introducing our House Captains for 2022 (left to right in photo):

Rosa Simango – Rimu House Captain
Kia ora, my name is Rosa. I’m Rimu’s House Captain for 2022. This year as a House Captain, not only will I use my leadership role to lead, I also want to use my role to set an example for those younger than me.

Francis Yang – Matai House Captain
Hello/你好 my name is Francis, and I am your Matai House Captain for 2022. Beneath the seriousness of this role, I remain a cheeky personality who others can call a friend. However, there will be times when thriving with discipline is more than necessary. With the abnormality of the past two years, I believe that being a strong role model for others to look up to is a staple within a school environment. When the situation calls for, I see no fear in speaking up and lifting the mood for Matai House.

Charlotte Newman – Nikau House Captain
My name is Charlotte Newman and I am the Nikau House Captain for 2022. As a House Captain, I strive to motivate our wonderful students, and to keep our awesome Nikau House Leaders happy and confident! The culture of our school is wonderfully reflected in the leadership teams and I am so proud to be able to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to this new and exciting year with an awesome team.

Alex Tee – Totara House Captain
Hey everyone! I’m Alex, and I’m honoured to be the 2022 House Captain for Totara! This year, I want to make sure that our House has as many events and fun projects as possible, keeping us all connected at school or at home! See you all around, 2022 is in your hands :).

Samantha Lee – Pohutukawa House Captain
This year, it is my privilege to work within a supportive, cohesive team of Pohutukawa House Leaders and Deans to create a positive, safe, enjoyable environment for all our students. I am looking forward to working with other House Captains to create an enjoyable Pakuranga College experience for all year levels.

Nathaniel Bott – Kauri House Captain
Hi guys, my name is Nathaniel and I am the Kauri House Captain for 2022. I want students to know that they can approach me at any time during the school day if they need a hand with anything. I am very kind, caring, and passionate, as well as being easy-going, so strike up a conversation if you want. I am into a lot of nerdy and geeky stuff, but I also enjoy the outdoors like going camping so I can speak about pretty much anything. As House Captain, I intend on making this the best year for Kauri and having the most participation in recent years in all House activities, so get ready to rumble.

Congratulations to all our House Captains for 2022!

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