2021 Results

17 Feb 2021 Results

We are very proud of our 2021 NCEA students, who achieved high pass rates across all levels, despite the disruption caused by Covid.

Scholarship results were released this week and we would like to congratulate Yujie Weng, who was named the nation’s top scholar in Design and Visual Communications.

His extremely proud teacher, Garry Brinsden, Head of Technology, says, “Yujie’s ability became apparent as early as Year 10 and even in Year 12 he could easily have entered a Scholarship submission, however the quality and quantity of work he was able to produced in Year 13, especially considering the continual interruptions of Covid lockdowns, showed just how talented he is.

“He continually reflected on his work and acted on feedback given throughout the year and was rewarded with the top Design and Visual Communication scholar of New Zealand. I have never, in my 44 years of teaching this subject, had or seen a student of his calibre and ability. I know he will go on to become a recognised designer and I wish him all the best.”

Last year’s Dux, Yuenchen Lee, also achieved five individual scholarships, an exceptional result.



Congratulations to all NCEA students for your perseverance and diligent work in exceptional circumstances last year, your effort has certainly shone through.

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