12ECO Excursion to Wellington

07 Jul 12ECO Excursion to Wellington

At the end of June Mr Duncan, Mr Lyall, and Mrs Bigwood accompanied 12ECO on a trip to the capital. Students were privileged to see the inner workings of institutions that impact New Zealand’s economic standing day-to-day, including the Reserve Bank, Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and our biggest bank, ANZ.

Particular highlights were speaking to journalist Jack Tame in the Parliament Press Gallery, meeting with Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown, and touring the trading floor of ANZ.

Student Michael Han summarises the experience below:

“I absolutely loved it, this trip was genuinely inspiring. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the ANZ trading floor, the Reserve Bank, and Parliament, it’s a glimpse into the inner workings of what keeps New Zealand chugging along. I loved the ANZ trading floor in particular, it was almost as if I could visualise myself working there in a couple of years.

The Ministry said it themselves, that working in this sector could literally open opportunities for you across the globe – as a diplomat, an employee, a minister,  and the list goes on.  I highly recommend this trip to anyone thinking of going in this direction in the future, it has so much intrinsic value.”


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