11PEO Camp

31 Aug 11PEO Camp

In August 11 PEO went on camp to Tui Ridge in Rotorua, to complete our interpersonal skills Internal. We did a lot of activities; everyone had tons of fun and became closer to each other and made stronger bonds.

Between activities the we had meals and snacks; the camp venue provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. At each of the activities we were all included and were mostly active the whole time. When we weren’t active, we were supporting our classmates to complete the activity. After dinner we would have some free time, which was usually card games with pretty much everyone involved.

I got the chance to shoot an air rifle, which was pretty cool since I’ve never held or shot any type of gun before, (I don’t think Nerf guns count). On the last day we left the camp and went to Adrenaline Forest, which was a high ropes course. At Adrenaline Forest there were courses numbered 1 to 6, 1 being the easiest and 6 being the hardest. I started on 2 because I had some experience on high rope course. After that I did 3 but then there wasn’t that much time left so I skipped all the way to 6. After the first obstacle on 6, I realized why it was the hardest. It was a massive step from 3! Despite that, I still managed to complete it successfully.

After Adrenaline Forest it was time to head back. The van rides were some of the most fun that we had and everyone had a great time, even though we got lost multiple times. Over all, this was a great experience and I highly recommend Tui Ridge for future years.

by Brock Fowler, Year 11


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